TCDA Scam Alert. Click for Info.
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  • TCDA Scam Alert

    The Texas Chief Deputies Association has been made aware of a banking scam that has targeted the TCDA bank account. This scam is referred to as an overpayment scam or unsolicited check fraud. You may have received a check on behalf of the TCDA with instructions to deposit it, keep a portion of the money, and wire the rest to another account. As these funds are not authorized, you will not only lose the deposited money but will also be out the money that was wired off.

    TCDA rarely mails out checks. If you receive an unsolicited check from TCDA DO NOT deposit it. Please contact the TCDA Treasurer Jim Stewart at (979) 361-4991 or email Jim Stewart.

    If you would like more information about Overpayment Scams, Unsolicited Check Fraud, or how to report scams please visit the US Government Website on Scams and Fraud.