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  • 2019 Vendors

    33rd Annual
    TCDA Training Conference

    Thank you to the following Vendors for their support

    Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.


    Aftermath Services LLC www.aftermath.com

    Aguila Ammunition USA/TxAT www.aguilaammo.com

    Barney's Police Supplies www.barneyspolicesupplies.com


    Big Country Supply www.bigcountrysupply.com

    BK Technologies www.bktechnologies.com

    Cardiac Science www.cardiacscience.com

    CGL Companies www.cglcompanies.com

    CML Security www.cmlsecurity.us

    Correct Solutions Group www.correctsolutionsgroup.com


    Crown Correctional Telephone

    CTC Company www.citytelecoin.com

    Defender Supply www.defendersupply.com

    Diamond Pharmacy Services and Medical Supply www.diamondpharmacy.com

    DT Research www.dtri.com

    The Evans Group www.theevansgroup.net

    Federal Eastern International www.fedeastintl.com

    Federal Signal

    First Responder Boats LLC www.firstresponderboats.com

    Flying Cross www.flyingcross.com

    Fulcrum Biometrics www.fulcrumbiometrics.com

    Galls www.galls.com

    General Motors Fleet www.gmfleet.com

    GovPayNet www.govpaynet.com

    Guardian Security Solutions www.myshield.org

    Gulfcoast Gunbusters www.gulfcoastgunbusters.com

    HomeWAV www.HomeWAV.com

    IHS Pharmacy www.ihspharmacy.com

    Kologik www.kologik.com

    Kustom Signals www.kustomsignals.com

    La Salle Corrections (Texas Office) www.lasallecorrections.com

    Lone Star Commissary www.lonestarcommissary.com

    Nardis Public Safety www.nardispublicsafety.com

    NCIC Inmate Communications

    Off Duty Management www.offdutymanagement.com

    Point Blank Enterprises www.pointblankenterprises.com

    PropertyRoom.com www.PropertyRoom.com

    Reliable Chevrolet www.reliablechevrolet.com

    Rhyan Technology www.rhyan.com

    Safariland Group www.safariland.com

    Southern Software www.southernsoftware.com

    Southern Health Partners www.southernhealthpartners.com

    Southwest Architects Inc www.swarchitectsinc.com

    I. Spiewak & Sons www.spiewak.com/uniform

    Stalker Radar www.stalkerradar.com

    Sterling Commissary

    Texas Association of Counties www.county.org

    Texas Correctional Industries www.tci.tdcj.texas.gov

    Texas Jail Association www.texasjailassociation.com

    Turn Key Mobile

    TxDOT www.buckleuptexas.com

    U.S. Law Shield www.uslawshieldleo.com

    United States Fugitive Apprehension & Transport www.USFAT.US

    Tyler Technologies www.tylertech.com

    V2 Shield Interview Room Recording www.comelectronics.com/v2-interview-room-recording

    Virtual Academy www.virtualacademy.com

    WatchGuard Video www.watchguardvideo.com

    Whelen Engineering Co. www.whelen.com